November 5, 12, 19, 26, and December 3
Peering Forum MSK-IX 2020
MSK-IX annual networking conference for clients, partners and friends – now in online format
In 2020, MSK-IX will be 25 years old. Much has changed during this time, except for our goal to make Runet reliable and fast. For the past 15 years, we have been marking the company's anniversary by holding the Peering Forum, an annual conference for the networking community. Although the coronavirus has intervened in this year's plans, we have still found a way to get together with our friends, customers and partners.
Peering Forum MSK-IX 2020
The forum will be held in a series of online meetings with leading Russian and foreign experts, managers, and researchers of internet technologies. Each meeting is an opportunity for our guests to share their knowledge and experience, to ask questions and to take part in discussions with other participants.
We are aware that time is highly valuable while teleworking, so each session will only take up one 1-hour slot in your weekly schedule. The events will take place every Thursday as of November 5, and will end on December 3 with a conference with the MSK-IX team, an anniversary toast and news about the platform and its services.
Thu, November 5, 12:00
Thu, November 19, 12:00
Thu, November 26, 12:00
Thu, December 3, 14:00
Webinar: Changing the Internet: a Multi-Dimensional View
Will the Internet Live up to Future Demands?
Topic TBD
Conference "MSK-IX turns 25"
Andrei Robachevsky, Senior Director, Technology Programmes, Internet Society
MSK-IX in the age of
platform services
Thu, November 12, 15:00
Panel discussion: Forthcoming technologies as information security threats
Mikhail Kader
Distinguished Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems
Mike Geller
Distinguished Cyber Security Architect at Radware
Andrei Ivanov
Yandex.Cloud, Head of Security Services
Éric Vyncke
Internet Area Director at IETF and Distinguished Engineer at Cisco
Marco Hogewoning, Manager Public Policy and Internet Governance, RIPE NCC
Opening remarks
Elena Voronina
New Developments
in MSK-IX Service
Panel discussion:
Internet eXchange as
Technology Accelerator
Eugene Morozov
Alexander Ilin
What's in it for me?
Get business insights directly from industry leaders straight from the horse's mouth
Come in contact with telecommunication and IT professionals in person
Leverage ample business development opportunities
Generate new ideas and start afresh professionally
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В честь 25-летия нашей компании мы подготовили специальный мерч и хотим его вам вручить прямо дома в рамках бесконтактной доставки. Пожалуйста, укажите ваш размер одежды
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